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Time your job search in-line with the Christmas countdown

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It’s the time of the year where Christmas stock is on the shelves too early, city lights are being re-installed and everyone’s trying to ignore the imminent countdown about to commence, but what jobseekers shouldn’t be ignoring is that right now can be an ideal time to start a job search.

Throughout the year, we see countless instances of candidates getting in touch with motivations to look for a new job role:

  • Feeling undervalued
  • Insurmountable Workload
  • Work/life balance
  • Seeking a better office culture
  • Improved salary and benefits
  • Progression opportunities
  • And many more

In some cases, candidates are looking for a quick fix to satisfy these inconveniences but are too busy to fully commit to a job search or don’t want to leave their employer in the lurch, meaning these motivations (a.k.a. warning signals) are often put up with and ignored.

For Conrad consultants, knowing candidates who are suitably skilled for more rewarding positions and are actively wanting to seek better employment, but don’t feel they have the power or confidence to do so is one of our biggest frustrations. Especially when candidates are not happy in their current position.

Working to project deadlines before the Christmas shut down can be arduous, although this is not the case with all businesses, some clients plan their workload to allow for the privilege of a relaxing festive break to encourage a fresh start in the New Year. We are able to put you in touch with these types of firm so that your Christmas countdown 2019 can be a leisurely one – or 2018 if you move fast!

One thing which is consistent is that almost all businesses shut down over Christmas, meaning that projects draw to a natural halt or complete finish.

Our statistics show a seasonal peak in application rates in this period between the end of December and beginning of January. What we interpret from this rise in applications is that candidates have a desire to seek alternative employment for whatever reason.

Not applying for new jobs delays potential new start dates to January when everything starts to kick off again. Why not, avoid the stress and arrange to start your new year in a new firm by starting your job search now?

How great would it be to finish your current employment during the Christmas period with plenty of opportunities to pleasantly depart from your colleagues, spend the Christmas period not thinking about applying for jobs and begin 2019 in a role much better suited to you, your skills, your values and your lifestyle.

Could this benefit you? Speak to one of our specialist consultant’s today about what enhancements you could be able to ascertain from undertaking a job search and prepare your New Year, New You.


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Author: Ashley Johnson, Recruitment Consultant

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