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Why should I use a recruitment agency?

Finding a suitable job isn’t the easiest task, whatever stage of your life you’re in. You may be a recent graduate, fresh out of university and full of energy. Or perhaps you have years of experience and skills to progress you into your new job. Whatever the case, wherever you are in your career- with the right skillset and requirements - we will be able to assist you.

A recruitment agency are specialists in matching candidates to job vacancies. They have a database of clients (companies needing roles filled) and a database of candidates (looking for a new role). We assist these companies in finding the most suitable employee to fill their vacancy- using resourcing techniques through our own system and across job boards such as CV Library/Reed- as well as advertising for the position- ensuring the name of the client is confidential. Once selected, we send the candidate to the client and await their approval for the next stage, interview.

As the candidate, if you’ve not used a recruitment agency before- understandably you may have some questions about elements of process. We’ve put together some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) in the form of a blog post and put a few recruitment myths to rest.


  1. What are the benefits of using a recruitment agency?
  • Generally, a quicker process, from application to interview
  • Free for the candidate, you’re being helped free of charge
  • Agencies can provide you with key advice and feedback
  • Recruitment agencies have access to jobs that client’s do not always advertise
  • Agencies do the “groundwork” for you, negotiate your salary and other expectations


  1. Will you tell me the client’s name?
  • We always disclose the name of our client before sending across your CV to them. We understand that you need to research every opportunity to see if they are the right fit for you, and if you are asked for an interview- you will want to impress the employer with your knowledge about the company.
  • We don’t however name the client in our adverts, or in the first initial phone call.


  1. I have applied for a vacancy but haven’t heard back?
  • We receive hundreds of applications for roles every day, so unfortunately we can’t always reply to each applicant. It may be the case that we haven’t currently got any opportunities that suit your current skillset but may be possible in the near future. If you haven’t heard back and feel you’re well suited to a particular role, give us call and we can provide feedback.


  1. Will you send my CV to a client without my consent?
  • We would never send your CV anywhere without your approval and acknowledgement.


  1. How will you keep in contact with me?
  • Whatever method you find most suitable. Generally, we find phoning up candidates a much quicker, and effective way of communication. But we understand this is difficult during work hours, so just advise the best times to call, or if you prefer another method of communicating such as email.


  1. Will I receive feedback?
  • Yes. We try our best to obtain feedback from our clients to relay back to candidates. Feedback is not always as detailed as we would like, but we will inform you as soon as we hear.


  1. Does the fee come out of my salary?
  • No. Agencies fees are completely separate from the candidate and their salary. You will receive 100% of the salary you are offered from a potential employer (minus tax deductions!).


  1. Why should I choose Conrad?
  • Conrad Consulting are specialists in their field. Our staff are experts in the industry and have years of recruitment experience. We value each of our candidates’ journeys, ensuring we leave them with a positive lasting impression. We offer a personalised approach to recruitment which is retained as the business grows and develops.


We hope this answers some of the questions you may have, but if you do still have some questions- please do call us on 01728 726 120 and we would be more than happy to help.

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