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The Subject People are "ignoring"...

How has BREXIT affected us as a company? 

I sat down with Managing Director - Graham Ventham - to find out his thoughts on the matter:

We definitely saw an initial slow down after BREXIT was first confirmed.  However, in the last month or so, the market seems to have really picked back up with plenty of jobs coming through and clients once again being much more confident in the market. 

As we all know, we can’t predict what is going to happen but, rather than a shortage of jobs, there now seems to be a shortage of candidates!  I’m not sure if this is due to candidates worrying about looking for new roles and just assuming they won’t be out there due to the BREXIT vote, but we can very much confirm that is not the case!

As a company we believe in staying positive and this, in turn, infuses those we speak to daily with positivity. The industry IS on the rise again, we are certain of that.”

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