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Is it time to start looking for another job? Will the grass be greener...

If you’ve got an "itch" to look for a new job but are not sure it’s something you're serious about, here are a few pointers that may help you come to reach the decision to start looking for a new role.

It’s a tough decision knowing whether to continue investing your time and efforts in a job you’re no longer satisfied with. Is it just a rough patch or have you spent a long time hoping for rewards and job satisfaction to come to fruition? If the spark has died out, is it a waste of time persevering in a job which makes you unhappy or should you just cut your losses and seek out a new job? Ultimately, how long is too long before you need to make a decision to look elsewhere?

First of all, it’s quite normal to avoid putting off a job search. It can be time consuming and daunting having to update your CV, never mind the prospect of attending interviews!  Do you attend during work hours and then have difficult conversations around terminating your existing employment, especially if you don’t want to seem ungrateful for the opportunities you’ve received in your position?  It can start to overwhelm and it's no wonder that a new job may be something you’d put off unless you really need to.

Assess the situation to see what is lacking in your current role.  Why might the grass seem greener elsewhere? 

Common reasons candidates approach Conrad Consulting can be:

• Change of Responsibilities – You have assumed the work load of other people, or the business is going through a quiet period and you now feel a bit useless and have no sense of job security.

• Glass Ceiling – You have worked through several stages to get promoted to where you are but can’t get any higher until a Manager is promoted or moves companies. How long should you wait?

• Location/Commute – The commute didn't seem to bad to begin with, but you are now fed up of enduring delays on long train journeys or traffic on busy roads to and from work

• Pay – Workload has increased at a faster rate than your salary or it could be you have waited too long for the boss to approach you with a pay rise. 

• Conflict – There is a difference of ideas between you and the rest of the team and your voice isn’t getting heard. Sometimes you start doubting valuable skills. A new, more compatible team dynamic could bring back self esteem. 

• Lack of Communication – The boss is rarely available and nothing gets finalised, and you are  the last to know when plans have changed. 

• Office Culture – When relationships with colleagues don’t seem to be developing as they usually would. Sometimes large age gaps with colleagues, or co-workers with lack of similar interests can make it hard for them to become part of the office culture. Maybe an office with more peers would allow them to thrive. 

Whatever the reason you might be seeking more from your career, ask yourself, have I taken steps to resolve the issues?

For example, if bad pay is your motivator for a career move – could you achieve a pay increase by having a chat with your current employer? It prevents you going through the daunting process of seeking another job, receiving an offer, giving notice to your employer and receiving a better counter offer. Think how much time you will have spent, risks you’ve taken and the awkward conversation you’ll have with your current employer about notice to find out you can get better money by staying in your job. If you decide to accept your counter-offer, will you still feel secure in your job now that your employer knows you wanted to leave?

Some motivators aren’t always adjustable however some are!

We advise that you consider and identify what motivates you to look for another job? Work out if you can do anything about it by speaking to your current employer - for example, maybe if you could work from home one day a week things might pick up? If you can see no way of making changes to improve your current job then we think it is definitely time to make yourself known as someone who is seeking employment elsewhere. 

Get in touch with us today and let us know you’re open to considering a new role, we would love to hear the type of job you’re seeking and can talk through some opportunities which may be of interest to you. 

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