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Conference 2020/2021

To wrap up the financial year (and what a year it has been) we invited all our offices to come to our little town in Suffolk to have a much needed get together! Now that restrictions are slowly being put behind us, we thought it was time to have our annual conference. Though Framlingham is not quite the same as our previous conference location of Portugal, we think that it's the company which truly makes it. With our Head Office having 6 new recruits and some colleagues in our other locations having never been to our Head Office before, it seemed like a fitting time to introduce them to Sunny Suffolk to bring much needed joy to the end of a turbulent financial year.

With the conference in the evening, we thought it would be best to kick things off with some inside office rivalry! So, what better activity than Go Karting? After 10 heats and a 20-lap final, our consultant Jamie Creed came out on top celebrating with a podium finish. With the competition still present we headed to our local bowls clubs where the atmosphere is always good to have quick a game. Even with the rain trying to put us off it didn't dampen our spirits, nor did it keep us away from the bar.

In the evening we had our conference which saw us celebrating the achievements of our Top Biller: James Jackson and Top Monthly Biller: Will Stocks, whilst also reflecting on what we as a business have achieved through such a tricky year. Looking to the future we wish to carry on the growth we have seen in the last few months and hopefully next year we will have our sights set on Ibiza for our conference (though sleepy Suffolk did do us proud this year!)

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