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Workforce management tricks to hire and retain great architects

If you read our previous blog, then you will have a good understanding of how to attract the top architectural talent. You will appreciate ...

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The tools you need to attract the best architects

Whether you’re the owner of an architectural practice or a recruitment specialist, you will undoubtedly be interested in hiring ...

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How architects are battling climate change and supporting sustainable living

The concept of sustainable living often receives a hesitant response from those looking to build an office or home. That’s because ...

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How architect-designed green buildings support health and well-being

We all care about the environment, and modern businesses understand the benefits of supporting employees’ health and wellbeing. So, the ...

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Architectural Designs: Unique, weird and wonderful

We live in a competitive, technological world, where everyday new skills and tools are being updated to keep up with the constantly evolving world ...

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Conrad BIM Breakfast

Conrad's inaugural BIM breakfast took place in Leeds this morning, involving a BIM seminar by Mike Tofton & Andrew Ward from BIM ...

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Design Event, Cardiff - 28th September

Following the Building Services event taking place in Britsol, Specifi are holding an additional networking event for architectural and design ...

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