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Women in Engineering

In the weeks leading up to International Women in Engineering Day (June 23rd ), we will be supporting this campaign to promote the profile of women in engineering.

International Women in Engineering is celebrating its 9th year of recognition. It was founded by the Women’s Engineering Society in the UK on June 23rd 2014 to celebrate their 95th anniversary. Though we have come a long way since Nina Cameron Graham graduated from the University of Liverpool in 1912 with a degree in Civil Engineering – the first British woman to qualify as an engineer. There’s still a way to go to lesser the imbalance found in technical industries.

In 2021, the theme was Engineering Heroes. This gave those the chance to showcase their inspirational and real-life engineering stories, sparking over 20,000 conversations online. The theme this year is looking towards the future, with the focus shining a spotlight on inventors and innovators who are changing this industry.

Many of our clients are eager to increase the number of women working for them, many putting initiatives in place to improve hiring patterns, gender diversity and gender bias. However, it is significant to note that women still make up a small proportion of our candidate base.   

How can this change? How can we help #Breakthebias?

Perhaps making all sectors in engineering more accessible as a career option is a good starting point. Highlighting the great prospects the clients we work with hold.  

One of our aims is to promote the range of roles our clients offer, showcasing what the engineering sector truly has to offer. The discussion surrounding women entering the industry has put a lot of focus on what jobs women can do, but perhaps there should be more emphasis promoting the successes of working in engineering. Our clients are always highlighting the benefits of working for their company, career progressions, competitive salaries and experiences they can offer. Many now offer more flexible working, showing that an industry like engineering can provide remoteness when needed. The flexibility that new, modern technologies afford to women is promising. It is now easier than ever before for women to have access to a better work life balance.

Engineering and technical services cover a very broad subject, offering many avenues to explore. From Mechanical and Electrical to Civil and Structural, we have a variety of vacancies offering all candidates to work with our highly valued clients.

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