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A new, refreshed and vibrant look for Conrad

May 2019 marks the launch of our vibrant, new logo which begins a new era for Conrad at an exciting stage in our growth and story thus far.

Although no imminent plans to reveal just yet, we are ambitious about growth in the UK and international markets and our branding needs to reflect this.

A new logo was essential in communicating the modern, sophisticated and well-connected ethos of Conrad for our future objectives. Our new logo is bold and assertive, whilst still retaining our recognisable technicolour look.

Kieran Harvey, Marketing Manager

But since we have developed our logo for our future plans, we thought it would be good to reflect on what has come before and give you and insight into the history of Conrad Consulting, and how our logo has undergone a series of evolutions and revolutions to get us to where we are today.



Conrad was born - 2001

From our entrepreneurial inception back in 2001, when Managing Director; Graham Ventham decided to establish his own business, all he had was a company name and a highly-regarded reputation as a Civil & Structural recruiter. Conrad was effectively logo-less while the business fought for it’s place in the recruitment market, originally exclusive to Civil & Structural Engineering recruitment.


In 2002, the business was gaining traction and increasing coverage nationwide, but to be recognisable and compete with other market players, the need to sophisticate the business emerged.

Whilst we awaited the design of our first proper logo, the business used this logo as a place-filler.

We can’t lie, it hasn’t aged well has it?!





Here is our first proper logo, and it lasted for seven years. Having a professional logo allowed the business to grow and Graham began to employ his first members of staff and begin his mass expansion, still focusing solely on Civil & Structural recruitment. This emblem was a marker of Conrad as an established recruitment business.



Conrad refreshed their look once again, whilst still remaining simple and professional. Arguably at this point, Conrad Consulting was a market-leader in the Civil & Structural engineering sector, and the new logo allowed us to not only service long-established engineering firms and consultancies, but approach smaller and establishing firms with a logo that clearly explained what we do as a business at a glance, allowing us to hone and strengthen our position as a business.



Civil & Structural recruitment was reaching a saturation point and in order to continue growing, Conrad sought growth in the wider built environment market. With established consultants emerging in Surveying, Architecture and M&E our sub-line changed to be inclusive of the diverse sectors we recruited within, reading ‘Technical Recruitment Specialists’. This allowed us to provide a more sound service to our multi-disciplinary clients who sought additional recruitment service.


In Doctor Who style, Conrad was reborn once again with a whole new look, appealing to architects and designers with increasing creative expectations. The squares represent an aerial view of the high-rise buildings in the city. The wider range of colours signified the wider range Conrad was now providing professional recruitment services.

Within this time, in typical Conrad fashion, we continued to grow into more sectors and the five Conrad colours grew to serve specialist dual purposes, notably the introduction of dedicated Environmental and Interior Design recruitment services. Conrad went into this era with just two offices in London and Suffolk, but have since grown into six offices nationwide, and a seventh in Dublin most recently.

Conrad Consulting formally announced the launch of our sister company Conrad Finance to provide additional dedicated services in Accountancy and Office Support, which were historically exclusive to built environment clients.


Which takes us up to the start of this new chapter. If Conrad was a cat, I guess this would be our fifth life?

You might not initially notice the addition of navy incorporated into our spectrum, which represents Conrad Finance, and the loss of ‘technical recruitment specialists’ being some of the more subtle changes.

Increasing expectations from clients and candidates, new technology, developing specialisms and a blurred line between global and geographically exclusive recruitment present us a host of new opportunities and challenges moving forward which we approach head first, but foremost we notice the importance of branding as signifier of quality more than ever before and we are so pleased to share our new look and feel with you and tell you a bit about our story.

We have reached a point where candidates and clients are familiar with Conrad in all of our specialisms and our often-commended reputation as technical recruitment specialists supersedes the tagline in our most recent logo. The new logo has a noticeably high impact. The built environment can expect more of this similar impact from Conrad, since we have every ambition of striving to be the best, most dedicated recruiters in the market in the eyes of job applicants and clients alike.

Graham Ventham, Managing Director


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