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Will Stocks

Job role: Team Manager

Specialism: Architecture - Manchester & the North-West of England

I joined Conrad Consulting in January 2016. I’ve watched us grow and develop into a true leader in our field. We’ve opened brand-new offices across the country and have more than doubled our head-count in the space of 3 years.
That’s the type of company I want to work for; Ambitious and with a real appetite to be the best.
Personally, I have over 4 years’ experience working exclusively within the field of Architecture & Design. I was promoted to Senior Consultant in 2018 and have recently become Team Manager of Conrad Consulting’s wider Architecture division. My role is to oversee our team of specialist Architecture Consultants working across the breadth of the UK from our various regional offices. I remain focused as an Architectural Recruiter operating across Manchester and the North-West region. The strong relationships I have forged with award-winning, design studios through to Large, multi-disciplinary consultancies ensure that candidates are provided with all of the options when entering the jobs market.
I’m always available to discuss the current Architectural market across the North-West; whether it’s Manchester City Centre, Liverpool, Chester, Warrington, Lancashire, Cumbria and Cheshire. I can tell you about current trends, salaries, projects or general market information.
If you’re not getting full job satisfaction in your current role it’s worth getting in touch to see if I can help you.

Outside of work you’re most likely to find me in the gym, with friends or watching the football. I love to spend time travelling and visiting new places, mostly with my girlfriend Katie.
I should mention I’m also partial to the occasional pint of premium lager!

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A comment from a candidate...

Got to say a huge thank you to Will, he had the patience and the persistence to find my current role. I couldn't recommend Will enough, he listened to every requirement I had, made recommendations to what would be best suited and put that into practice when trying to find me a role. And to top it off, he's just a genuinely nice person! 
Tom Maudsley - Architectural Technologist at Jenkins Design

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