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Richard Wilson

Job role: Principal Consultant

Specialism: Trades and Labour

I am Richard Wilson, a seasoned recruitment professional with five years of dedicated experience in the trades and labour field. With a passion for connecting talent with opportunities, I've had the privilege of helping numerous individuals find their dream jobs and organizations discover their ideal candidates. I have recently worked in Orlando, Florida for five months, which gave me more strings to my recruitment bow.


Beyond my career, I cherish my role as a family man. I am blessed with a loving wife and the proud father of three wonderful kids. Balancing the demands of a dynamic career with the joys and responsibilities of family life has taught me invaluable lessons in time management, empathy, and perseverance.


When I'm not busy matching talent with organizations or spending quality time with my family, you can often find me pursuing my interests in football and socialising with my friends. These pursuits not only enrich my life but also remind me of the importance of balance and self-care.


I'm excited to continue my journey in the world of recruitment while relishing the joys of family life. Feel free to connect with me to discuss opportunities, share experiences, or simply chat about the delicate art of balancing work and family.




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