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Olivia Botha

Job role: Recruitment Administrator

I started at Conrad Consulting May 2022 after leaving my previous job of over 4 years in the hospitality industry. I relocated to the UK from South Africa in 2017 and moved to Suffolk where I have remained ever since. In 2019 I started an apprenticeship in Supervisor/ Management in Hospitality but at the end of 2021 I felt I needed to start something new that was a bit more out of my comfort zone and created new challenges, Conrad Consulting seemed like the perfect place.


Working in different areas of hospitality going from waitressing/bar to then being part of the management team taught me a lot about building trusting relationships and communicating effectively with your candidates/clients and well as your team.


In my spare time I enjoy going for drinks with friends, spending warm days at the beach, travelling to new places around the word and continuing my love for dance.



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