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Trainee Recruitment Consultant

£20,000 - £24,000 (Permanent)

Moorgate, City of London

Money money money it’s all anyone talks about... technically it’s just numbers on a screen, right?
WRONG, money is:

• A brand spanking new Audi
• A 2-week trip away to Bali
• A 7-course meal in The Shards Shangri La
• A sunny festival abroad
• A mortgage on your first house

Now you’re probably thinking “wow that sounds great, but I can’t afford that ...”

What if I told you there was a way that you could and potentially all in your first year of recruitment.
Here at Conrad Consulting we offer an uncapped commission scheme meaning your paycheck at the end of the month is entirely down to YOU!

The recruitment industry is known for being one of the quickest ways to turn your hard work into money and this is the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door.

You will start in your role as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant supporting the Head of Architecture within the London market. As time progresses so will your role with the view to becoming a fully-fledged Recruitment Consultant with your own desk.

We are by no means looking for the finished article, but we do ask for these qualities:
• Confidence
• Tenacity
• Hardworking
• Ability to use your initiative
• Friendly
• Driven (this is a big one)

If money is your driver then get in touch to talk about the breakdown of the commission structure and how Conrad can be the chance for you to upgrade from Ryanair to Emirates!

Matthew Gilchrist

Senior Recruitment Consultant


0203 854 2964

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