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The tools you need to attract the best architects

Whether you’re the owner of an architectural practice or a recruitment specialist, you will undoubtedly be interested in hiring top-quality architects. These will be the architects who are hard-working, creative, and able to work effectively in collaboration. They will be able to balance project requirements and effectively apply their understanding of different building disciplines.

Of course, it will take some effort on your behalf to attract such high-quality architects. You must take a proactive approach to employment; offering incentives besides the opportunity to work on quality design projects. If you are to stand the best chance of attracting exceptional candidates, then you should invest in the tools highlighted in this article.


Training and development

There are a variety of in-house and external training methods which are entirely suitable for new architectural recruits. You may provide your architects with the opportunity to study towards the completion of diplomas and accredited exams. Funding may be arranged for the development of architectural skills and completion of RIBA qualifications. The results are likely to include increased commitment and loyalty to your architectural practice.

Opportunities for in-house training and professional development will be key to the recruitment of outstanding architectural talent. Prospective recruits are likely to be highly interested in developing their leadership and technical skills. It should be possible to climb the rungs of the architectural career ladder with a view to working in highly paid and engaging architectural roles. There should be a clearly distinguished path of advancement for the recruits to follow.


Professional working environment

You must offer a working environment which is entirely suitable for the development of quality architectural works. Architects should be provided with the opportunity to focus in a quiet workplace environment for the development of exceptional concepts and designs. This may mean the arrangement of dedicated office space in which the architects can work on plans and renderings. Architects should also have the opportunity to work independently and focus on the production of designs when visiting client construction sites.

Collaboration with clients and colleagues will be essential for the production of quality architectural works. There will need to be regular meetings, with the participation of the new recruits being actively encouraged. It would be worth considering the use of Integrated Project Delivery; drawing upon the knowledge and expertise of professional associates.


Architectural software and tools

It will be important for your architectural recruits to have access to the latest and highest quality software. Time should be spent researching and arranging the use of computer packages with technical and practical construction features.

Recommended architectural software includes:

  • 3DS Max
  • Google Sketchup
  • AutoCAD
  • Vectorworks
  • Chief Architect
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • And of course, BIM enabled software such as Revit & ArchiCAD


Architects will also require access to the best quality tools for the purposes of sketching, drafting, model building and presenting concepts & designs. The tools should well-maintained and replaced as and when required for the assurance of quality work and safety.

The tools that should feature in your architectural arsenal include:

  • Architect’s scales
  • Distance Metres
  • Liner pens
  • Cutting Mats
  • 3D printers
  • Drawing templates
  • Digital drawing tools such as the Apple Pencil and smart canvasses


It would also be worth making the investment in bespoke, premium carry bags for the workers to carry all of their architectural tools. Such add-ons may make all the difference when it comes to the attraction of top architectural talent.

Our blog about latest technology for Civil Engineers is worth a read to find out more and see how this can be transferred to Architects.


Paid professional subscriptions

There is a range of notable benefits associated with a subscription to the Royal Institute of British Architects, Bartlett UCL Facility of The Built Environment, and Architectural Association. They each provide opportunities for networking and practical resources designed for growth and development in the architectural sector. You should provide the incentive of paid subscriptions to such organisations.


Engaging architectural opportunities

Prospective recruits will be particularly interested in viewing your portfolio of architectural works. The “street reputation” of the practice will be one of the main considerations. Top candidates will seek the opportunity to be challenged and apply their full range of architectural expertise. There should be the potential for working on the development of new builds and restoration of historic local properties. Architectural workers should be able to hone their craft, using a range of building styles and fully expressing their creativity.

Professional experiences and ceremonies can also be key selling points for engaged architects, such as RIBA prize award across the country and the annual MIPIM conference in Cannes. Practices should aspire to provide their skilled staff with access to events such as these to remain informed, well networked, receive recognition for their hard work & talent and encourage industry-leading creativity.

If you take the easily actionable steps and utilise the tools highlighted in this article, then you will stand the best chance of building an outstanding architectural workforce and sustaining the development of your practice. You should also use the tried and tested workforce management tricks as detailed in our follow-up blog on the employment and retention of great architects.

At Conrad Consulting our Architectural recruitment consultants understand the challenges faced by practice owners in hiring the best possible architectural talent and creating attractive package and working environments in order to retain your staff. If you would like to speak to one of the team today then please get in contact on: 0203 854 2960


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