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Re-consider your work life balance this National Work Life Week

A good work-life balance is in the best interest of every business, it promotes work satisfaction and you retain a valued team.

It also positively effects reputation in a way that will help grow the team and recruit new staff. But it is safe to say not all companies offer great work-life balance and gone are the days that meant someone who worked more hours was better at their job.

As it is National Work Life Week, what better opportunity to evaluate your work-life balance and ask yourself the question of: whether you are in pocket, or if you are being short-changed for your time and hardwork?!  

Evaluating where you stand helps you think about whether you can get a fairer deal in your current job, or if it’s time to look elsewhere. Our clients seek employees who work smart, efficiently and don’t need to work regular long hours - and we can help connect you with this companies!

Firms around the UK are recommended to “dig out” company policies and procedures this week and look at what employees think about work-life balance flexibility within their workplace adn ask some initial questions:

  • are they in-line with twenty-first century? 
  • are our competitors offering a better balance than we are?
  • is the work-life balance on offer realistic and fair;
  • is the work life balance affecting employees’ well-being?

In the built-environment, delays passed along the technical construction chains can have a negative impact on contractual deadlines. In these instances extra commitment to work can almost be unavoidable in order to keep your bosses and clients satisfied and keep projects on track.

Similarly, some businesses commit to large projects when the size of their workforce is insufficient, or a member of team leaves whilst projects are underway and this creates a high-pressure environment which can sway someone’s work/life balance to be too work heavy.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, ask yourself a few questions:

  • How does your employer respond or remunerate to the extra hours you’re regularly putting in?
  • Is your well-being affected by having a poor work life balance?
  • Are the issues ever addressed, formally or informally?
  • Are you suffering the effects of someone else’s bad management or organisation?
  • What impact are these extra hours having on your life outside of work?
  • What steps are your employers taking to lighten your workload?
  • When pressure is high in the office, does your employer look to recruit additional resources before work becomes insurmountable?

Even competitive recruitment can demand us to stay after office hours / be available on mobile at unsociable times and it can be difficult to switch off completely, even when away from the office on annual leave.

Thankfully, at Conrad we are regularly rewarded for our hard work and this makes the extra commitment all worth it.

If you’re work-life balance doesn’t work for you, or if you’re not receiving the right remuneration for the level of work you do, then it is now time to speak to your employer or seek employment elsewhere!

At Conrad, we recruit for the front-running consultancies, contractors, practices and developers that understand the ability to stay connected in the modern world and who offer a flexible work-life balance, supporting employees with commitments outside of work.


Let us find you an ideal role that will offer a better work-life balance today! 

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