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Kirsty Anderson

Job role: Recruitment Consultant

Specialism: Architecture - The South of England

After completing my studies my first significant job was Overseas Holiday Representative where I learned the core skills that would set me up for my future roles. Having worked in various locations, including Ibiza, I quickly learnt how little sleep I needed to function in a very demanding and varied role! From selling excursions, hosting welcome meetings, airport trips and winning awards for my customer service (Yes, I’m still extremely proud of this 😊)

More recently I have been working in the Energy Market for the last 11 and a half years as an Energy Consultant. Negotiating large corporate tenders & SME contracts means I have acquired great attention to detail along with excellent communication skills. My passion for account management has further developed my customer service skills.

In my spare time now, you will find me running around after my 2 & 1 year old boys who definitely keep me on my toes. Keeping them entertained at the weekend at various Farms, Zoos & Parks. A far cry away from the festivals, travelling the world and general young wild and free attitude. My favourite location I have visited must be Las Vegas, I count down the days until I can return.


020 3854 2964


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