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Kieran Harvey

Job role: Marketing Manager

Specialism: Marketing

I started my career with Conrad Consulting in August 2014 as a Recruitment Consultant in the Architecture division.

After almost two years with the company I decided to change career and step away from recruiting, however months later in January 2017 a role emerged for a Marketing Assistant and I jumped at the opportunity to come back to Conrad. In June 2018, I was promoted to Marketing Manager. 

During my time at Conrad doing Marketing, I have undertaken some fairly large projects including a database migration, office moves, and rolling out GDPR compliance.

My role has evolved massively and my responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Rolling out GDPR compliance
  • Developing more branded and informational content
  • Support new staff inductions
  • SEO & Advert-writing
  • Social Media & Blog
  • Encouraging and supporting consultants to build their own sub-brand of Conrad Consulting.
  • Develop intelligent spreadsheet for analysing and monitoring company information.
  • Improving User Experience and Content on our website.
  • Creating new content, using Adobe Creative Suite and liaising with external graphic designers.
  • Agreeing contracts with job boards & recruitment resources, analysing performance and optimising our usage for the best ROIs.
Alongside my responsibilities at Conrad, I am studying towards a BA Marketing & Advertising Management degree at Leeds Beckett University and spend most of term-time in our Leeds office, most of the holidays in Suffolk (and I get to all our other regional offices whenever I am able).

Since I first started in 2014, it's been exciting to watch how massively the company has grown from both an insider's and an outsider's perspective. I'm really excited to see what else the future has in store for Conrad and have an input.

Outside of work, I can be found visiting friends all over the country, booking a bargain city break somewhere in Europe, cooking up something unncessarily extravagant or shamefully binge-watching Netflix series.

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