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Holly Beecroft

Job role: Recruitment Administrator

Specialism: Business Administration & Marketing

I joined Conrad Consulting at the beginning of 2021 after doing a stint of travelling in Australia and being back in Suffolk due to the pandemic. After leaving my customer service role I wanted to challenge myself in an industry that was new to me and push myself to overcome new obstacles, and Conrad seemed like the ideal place to do that.

After leaving school I studied in Brighton, earning a degree in English Language and Linguistics whilst also working as a waitress in a local pub. When I was back from University, I went onto do voluntary work at schools in the area, offering supported learning where it was needed which offered a broader way of thinking and adapting approaches to suit your audience. Working in predominantly customer service-based roles has allowed me to understand how building relationships is key in getting success and provides a more personable approach.

I live in a lovely area in Suffolk where you get the best of both worlds with the beaches and the countryside (spoilt for choice). In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends, whether that is going out for food or spending our short but sweet summer days at the beach!


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